Rosie Wolfenden’s Inspirational Women

My Granny

“I know people often say that their Granny is their biggest inspiration, but mine was incredible. She was really prolific. She wrote a lot of books, and ran a hotel and restaurant, but she made everything in the hotel. As she went on, she got quite involved in the church, and she would organise big projects which everyone in the community would join in with. She had so much energy. She had no money, but she was thrifty. There was no waste. I really believe people now need to learn not to waste things, not just clothes, but food, water, everything. My Granny would keep the washing up water to water her garden with and she engineered a whole system so that her bath water would go down onto the plants in the garden to water things. She was an artist; locally understood and celebrated, and she was really inspirational.”

Sam Smethers

Sam heads up the Fawcett Society, who doing incredible work. Sam is an inspiration because she just keeps going. Until we have equality, she will keep going. I think she, and her work, are amazing.”

Caroline Criado Perez

“I think Caroline is phenomenal. Campaigning is hard and she is doing such incredible work. No one pays for it; no one pays you to campaign, so she’s had to keep working. She got a woman onto the five pound note, she got a female statue into Parliament, and now she’s running around with The People’s Vote. She’s incredible.”

Harriet Vine

Harriet’s pretty inspiring as well. We’re very different, but very similar; we’re complementary opposites. She can just make anything happen and whatever she makes is perfect.”

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