Sophie Dunster’s Starters For a Lower Carbon Life

This week on the Clothes & The Rest podcast, I talk to Gung Ho‘s Sophie Dunster about environmentalism, design and subtlety. We touched a little bit on how she lives her low-carbon life, but in this blog post, she gives her tips for how we can all start reducing our carbon footprints…


“One of the biggest things is energy usage and energy consumption, so switch to suppliers who deal with turbines and more sustainable solutions. If you demand other options, you demonstrate to the oil industry that things are going in a different direction. It’s important to support renewable energy. It’s incredible – it’s free energy!”


“One thing that I’ve been quite hot on recently is looking into where your food is from and buying things that are in season. It’s actually quite weird if you sit and think about it; half of my dinner is from Kenya, the other half is from the Netherlands. It’s crazy, but we’re so used to it.”


“One of the biggest impacts that you can have is travel. We have great public transport, so take it. Don’t drive, and bike when you can – it’s good for you!”

One small step…

“Doing all these little things might seem weird, but on a scale, it will all add up. Be conscious of everything, and question everything, but don’t be too hard on yourself. I think that every single small thing is amazing and people should be really proud.”

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