Rebecca Pearson on Life Online

In this week’s episode of the podcast, I talked to model and writer Rebecca Pearson about shopping fair-trade, the highs and lows of modelling and social media, so here she shares her advice on how we live a healthier life online…

“Firstly, and this is advice that I need to take myself, if you’re the sort of person who, in a quiet moment, finds their hand going into their pocket, try to control it. Allot times, or be really strict with yourself; don’t go on your phone after 9pm.

“It’s so easy to say, but don’t compare yourself. Even as a not-very-successful influencer, I get things sent to me. I get things for free and I get to go on press trips that look really exciting, but then I come home and I’m not living a very glamorous life. The people we see on social media are often getting things for free, or they’re editing their photos. Don’t compare their life to yours; that’s where the unhealthiness comes in I think.

“I look at other models who are more successful than me and feel like I’m not good enough, but you just don’t know what’s going on in anyone’s life. Essena O’Neill showed that you can have the most glossy life, the most toned stomach, the coolest looking clothes and it’s all a facade.

“As Pandora Sykes recently said, I think there’s now a pressure to not be glossy. Do you remember the days when you used to get photographs printed? You didn’t put all of them in an album. You took out the ones where you were leaning over and had six stomach rolls, and the blurry ones.

“It isn’t good to be too glossy and too fake, but equally, you don’t have to show everybody everything in your life. It’s your choice. Social media is often just a curation of people’s best moments and favourite pictures, and that’s okay, but it’s really important to be mindful of that.”

If you want to her more from Rebecca, please go to her website, or follow her on Instagram

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