Rebecca Morter’s Anti-Black Friday Guide

For some, Black Friday means raiding the high street in search of a cut-price bargain, or 20, but not for Rebecca Morter. Founder of Lone Design Club, her anti-Black Friday pop-up shop in Covent Garden demonstrates exactly why it’s all the more satisfying to shop small, and buy from independent designers.

In her episode of Clothes & The Rest, Rebecca talks about the struggles that come with being a small designer, creating incredible retail spaces and why it’s important to support women-led businesses.

For this follow-up post, I asked Rebecca what we can do on Black Friday if we want to avoid the sales, and she had some amazing suggestions…

Visit LDC’s Anti-Black Friday Pop-Up. “Obviously, I would love people to come down to the store. Not necessarily buy, but just understand more about the products, and where they’re from. It’s great to chat with the designers, who are all small and more independent.”

Have a clear-out. “Look at your wardrobe and the pieces that you have. Could you pass anything on to someone who might need it more?” Rebecca is passionate in her belief that clothes should never end up in landfill.

DIY. “Could you make something or mend something? There’s a great initiative at the moment called Make Smthng which is great to get involved in.”

Purchase consciously.If you do feel the urge to buy in sale season, Rebecca suggests we evaluate whether what’s on our wishlist will work with what we already have. “Can you think of 30 ways you could wear it? If you can, then you should buy it, and if you can’t, don’t. It really makes you think about where you’re actually going to use something and how you’re going to style it.”

LDC’s Anti-Black Friday Pop-Up Store is open from 10am – 7pm until 25th November at 64-68 Charing Cross Road.

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