Bel Jacobs’ Recommended Reading List

This week, I chatted to Bel Jacobs on the Clothes & The Rest podcast. Please give that a listen if you want to hear my conversation with Bel about sustainability, campaigning and education. Here, though, she talks through her reading list, which can certainly help us all engage more with sustainability…

“I recently re-visited Stitched Up by Tansy E. Hoskins. She wrote this book quite a long time ago but it’s never been so relevant. I think partly it’s quite shocking that so little has changed but it feels completely relevant now. It’s the ‘Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion’ so we’re always going back to the system.

“Another fashion-related book is by Safia Minney, Slave To Fashion where she looks at human rights within the fashion industry. I absolutely love Safia, I think she’s incredible. She knows so much and works at so many levels of the industry, and her books bring the human side to it, so you’re not just talking about facts and figures. You’re talking about real people, who are at the front line selling our t-shirts, making our jeans, getting their hands in the dyes and the chemicals.

Ethical Consumer has been going for years and when I was early into environmentalism, I would read this avidly, but then it sort of fell away. But now, again, just like Tansy’s book, it feels so relevant. Even though I sometimes think about it as a ’90s issue’, it’s really important now.

“I also really like to look at animal welfare books. I have Animal Liberation by Peter Singer to remind me what needs to be done; how to create a vegan world and how to communicate vegan beliefs without making everyone feel a bit sick.

“I love all of those, but sometimes I just go, “oh my God, I just want to read a comic!” It’s about keeping a balance between positive and negative.”

If you want to hear more from Bel, please go to or

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