Kate Richards’ Favourite Sustainable Brands

This week’s guest on the Clothes & The Rest podcast is Kate Richards, owner of The Keep Boutique in Brixton Village. If you want to hear more about how Kate established The Keep, please check out the episode, but in this post, Kate shares her favourite sustainable brands.

1. Gung Ho

“Gung Ho’s founder Sophie Dunster was brought up on a zero-carbon lifestyle, because her Dad is a zero-carbon architect. She designs collections that all have a social, environmental or political message; her last collection was around plastic pollution. She’s an artist so she designed these beautiful illustrations of sea turtles and coral reefs. If you look closer, it’s a sea turtle surrounded by plastic, so it’s highlighting plastic pollution within our oceans but with something that is still beautiful to look at and aspirational to wear.”

2. Thinking Mu

“Thinking Mu is based in Barcelona; they use organic cotton, they produce in the EU and working with graphic designers in Barcelona. They use a very subtle humour, but it makes you stop and think – quite a lot of their collections have a political message. They promote resistance but in a very fashionable, fun way.”

3. Quazi Design

“I love Quazi Design because it’s a women’s empowerment project, but also zero-waste; the collection is all jewellery made from recycled magazine paper. It’s a nod towards traditional craftsmanship in Swaziland because they design the collections with these craftspeople. It’s about working with traditional craft but bringing it into a global economy and trying to train them up to be self-sustainable.”

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